Foil is an experimental music and literary zine that discusses love and nostalgia. Each edition features a visual exploration of four songs that wash this feeling over you, as well as features a local writer’s work involving the theme. The namesake is based on a literary device, in which another character exists to express the true character of one. The zine comes along with a 7–inch vinyl with a special live recording by the bands of the songs featured in the issue, and a set of stickers.
Each page is an exploration in manually creating pages, in true zine fashion. Some are crafted first digitally, then printed out, altered manually, and scanned back in for another layer of effect. This contributes to the topic of the zine as well, relating to memory and nostalgia and the fantasy of love, like a visual game of telephone.
The rotating feature spot goes to local writing talent, and in this case is Jesse Raymer from Jacksonville, FL. These are her writings.
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